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David Eymann makes his home in Estacada, Oregon, a few miles southeast of Portland. From his 20-acre tree farm he has a beautiful view of Mt Hood, and easy access to the Clackamas River valley. He was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, graduating from Grand Canyon University in 1975 with a degree in Music Education. His music training served him well as a worship pastor in several churches. David graduated from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon in 1978 with a Master’s degree in New Testament Studies. It was in the New Testament Greek classes during seminary that he first developed the burning desire to discover, on his own, accurate interpretations of the prophecies of the end times. He grew weary of being told what to believe, and “please don’t disagree”.

David served as an associate pastor in churches in Tucson, Arizona and in Gladstone, Oregon. He then teamed up with a few other brave men to start a church-plant in the Parkrose district of Portland, Oregon. He stepped out of ministry for a time and worked as a construction contractor for a few years before moving to Eagle Fern Camp. He served as one of the directors there for sixteen years.

David’s wife, Carol, worked as an RN for many years, while still managing to raise six children. We called it tag-team parenting. God gave her a heart full of mercy, and for thirty years she cared for some of the most medically fragile children in Oregon, at Providence Child Center. She was also a huge encouragement and help in writing this book.

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The author has been writing blog stories for many years. Topics touch upon faith and grace, men's ministry, and of course the last days. If you want to read some of his blogs you can click on the button below. Further teachings on the Last Days are in the column to the right.

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